Art direction, design and copywriting.

Small but mighty.


Personable & positive.



If you’re a CPG company looking for retail expertise and shopper marketing creative services, let's talk. As an independent creative partner, my services are scaleable and customizable for exactly what your brand needs. I'm an art director, designer, and copy writer who uses my shopper marketing experience, thought-leadership and creative skills to solve your business problems in the current retail landscape.

If you're in need of additional marketing services support, I work with a marketing services partner, Jill Knight, to lead project management, planning and activation. Together our two-woman team acts as a mini-agency to handle your brand and business needs through a strategic, productive and efficient partnership. We work hard to make your brand succeed and your life easier. Currently, we’re proudly work on multiple international CPG clients, consistently creating strategic plans, engaging campaigns and positive results.

Shopper marketing strategy / Retailer planning / Program development / Creative Services (Art direction, illustration, copywriting) / Production / Photoshoot direction


In a competitive business world, marketing and design is an ongoing process to capture the right audience and continually grow–from developing an initial logo, branding and an online presence, to marketing your services or product with a message that resonates. My experience and passion for small businesses and the entrepreneurial spirit, as well as my experience working with larger companies, helps business owners get exactly what they need to see their business grow and compete. Essentially, I strive to help the little guys play with the big guns of the business world–through smart strategy and premium design.

Branding / Marketing & Promotional materials


Many non-profits have amazing ideas and solutions to help to make this world a better place. However, without the proper design and marketing support, a non-profit can potentially fail to gain necessary public trust. Therefore, I believe in helping non-profits build trust, professionalism and support through premium design. Thus coming a little closer to making this world a better place.

Branding / Marketing & Promotional materials